Monday, January 30, 2017

Made in America, wo(a)rn in America, SOLD in Asia.

There were things solely made in Sri Lanka, worn in Sri Lanka (often sent to America) and Sold in Sri Lanka. Some stuff you create or made in Sri Lanka and applies in Sri Lanka and elsewhere or everywhere (?).Some, made in Sri Lanka (born in Sri Lanka) or their respective countries, educated in America but never applies or applied in America or elsewhere but try apply in Sri Lanka or in their countries or in Asia. Some totally refuse things made in America but wears things made in Sri Lanka or in Asia but living in America or purchase things from America but never leaves Sri Lanka.

Some live in Sri Lanka but consume things originated in America. Some consume things produced in Sri Lanka but do not belong to the category ‘made in Sri Lanka’. Some born in Sri Lanka educated in America and work for America but often belong to the category of ‘made in Sri Lanka or purely Sri Lankan.   

Some governments in history, this part of the world and in some parts of the world, made in America or in Europe avoided locally. Why?mismatches of policies or inapplicability of systems, inappropriate mechanisms or strategies. Some governments avoided locally and or refused internationally due to various reasons such as ‘interfered or manipulated in America, mainly or partially.

Yesterday, a newspaper reported that the current President of America decided to ban, dismiss four officials who mistreated Sri Lanka in the past. I guess that we can name it as something made in America, applied in Sri Lanka, banned in or defeated in America. I like to think that there is no hidden idea behind that because of the way the current president of America acted or reacted from the beginning of his official inauguration of position. 

Some mechanisms made in America or in some # channels or with help of big (in)humanitarian organisations, try or tried to apply in Sri Lanka, for instance; international courts of justice. Thankfully it is a malfunction in Sri Lanka but tries are not yet over locally or internationally.

To talk or to discuss, ‘made in where’ ‘debated in where’, 'defeated by whom', I can think of many examples. Some in some parts of the world forget that ‘some things were or are made in Asia to cover the nudity of some parts of the world. Some garments made in Sri Lanka or in Asia on behalf of the world, sent worldwide to nourish the ‘economy of the country / the countries.’ some of those worn in the said part of the world, re-sent to Asia and sold in local markets for low prices.

Almost every vehicle in the market or in use locally manufactured in Europe or in other continents, used (some of them) in their countries, sold locally. But some servants of people reside in Parliament eating their lunches and breakfasts no prices applicable import vehicles manufactured in expensive countries ‘using the money of people. But describe as something legal because they were given the permission giving a document called ‘vehicle permits’.

How much such cost, in dollars or in pounds, who has the calculations ($$$$$$$$$$$$$? not rupees.)

How much local money spent and sent across the world?

Who pays for their luxuries? 


Why we must pay 100 – 190 rupees for a kilo of rice?

Have you sold our entire paddy to purchase luxury vehicles to your party babies? What else, what other plans you have to ‘purchase after selling’? 

What our properties?

What island and for what amount?

There are some other things made in Russia or in America in Europe sold to Asia (where needed) after ‘pre-tested’ or ‘pre- tasted’ there though things available or made in India, Pakistan. To answer the questions such as ‘for what’ or ‘why needed’ one can refer history here (Include whole Asia) or there in America, Europe.

I repeatedly noted that some things made in America or in Europe. Also, I can say some things made in this part of the world due to ‘ignorance or stupidity’. Defeating the issues such as ‘LTTE’ that we faced in Sri Lanka purely made in Sri Lanka but supported in Asia, nourished in some parts of the world (you name) was not easy. Why was it not easy? To get the answer ‘reread’ my sentences above. But I didn’t ask to ‘re-practice’ the nourishment procedures supported locally due to not stupidity but ‘cunningity’ thinking of sustaining in the world of politics. There are many facets of wars. We must keep that in mind.
Also to get a total picture of ‘made in where’, re-learn or study the ‘facets of roles of peace brokers of the world.’

To sell things in Asia or in anywhere in the world, what other parts or some parts of the world expect to see happening/practising in this part of the world is ‘quarrels’ not corals or let me note it this way,  what some like to see happening ‘wars’. What wars?

What other wars you can think of other than the popular wars?

The official Rangers, ranges of revenge

Who are these official rangers? Forget the Ranger of America Chuck Norris for a moment. I am not talking about the ‘characters created in television or in cinema. I am talking about the rangers newly appointed or grouped, paid and looked after by the people of Sri Lanka though followed / following the mechanisms, rules and regulations not taught at Universities or at schools bread and buttered by some politicians. There are official law and order systems made in America or in Britain applied not only in America but also in other parts of the world on request, often by force. CIA, FBI etc. We have an established system called ‘Police’, old over hundred years, celebrated recently to look after ‘law and order of the country.

According to my own level of awareness what is in practice now in the country is the 'law of ‘FCID’, keeping the official group at a corner and letting the mentioned system/mechanism ‘sleeping snoring’. 

I have some questions to ask from the 'these days very popular ‘mador' of the group, FCID that ‘what was the need arose for you to establish such a system in Sri Lanka, when we have an already established system called CID, for instance? Sorry to say this group, FCID you have established remind me of former police system established by LTTE in the affected areas of the country. The only difference is ' there is no members known as terrorists in the group. Though there was no need of having two police departments in the, there was such a system, remember? 

What is the current role of CID then?

what were the things so far investigated through the system called ‘ FCID’and on what matters’? Why were things so far dealt couldn’t handle by the CID? What knowledge they lacked? What did you expect purely by establishing such a system? why there are or were things or issues dealt by FCID to satisfy the needs and wants of the society was or is rare but the FCID was very much used to question the individuals or to imprison the MP ‘s of the former government.

What I read, the day after ‘the integrated oppositions’ (ekabadha vipakshaya) held their ‘re-revolutionizing Rally’ (27 / 01/ 2017) against the current system of governance, sky high prices of human needs, postponing the elections without giving any fair reasons etc, Madame Rajapakse was taken to question for another matter according to newspapers; ‘Thajudeen’s death’ and about few days earlier the released MP, Wimal Weerawansa was re-remanded for again according to what newspapers reported; ‘misusing vehicles belonged to government’.  Now dear current government my question is, ‘was every action taken was something coincidental or planned to hit the spine of the leader, heart of the residence or something else?

Why you this fear of election is something that the most of the people of the country do not aware of?

My awareness on the BOND SCAM deals of the central government is tiny. Yet, I like to ask the President of the country what plan you have to answer the questions that the former and some personalities of the current ask with regard to the issue mentioned above?

Who is questioning them now and by what group? CID or FCID.
What do you truly mean by MISUSING?

If any data available on Misusing of vehicles or vehicle permits by current members of the parliament/ the government; do they not come under that category, Mr. Wimal was imprisoned?

I hope that current government is not misusing the VOTEs of the voters who voted them? What did you promise them during your election campaigns, you must re-rewind and watch?

What is the system of having elections in this country, explained in constitutions?  

Why not think of following the election procedures described in the constitutions or in the relevant documents?

What did you expect by postponing the elections? did you try to convince the people or you want to show your people that ‘you are different from former governments’ admin strategies’?

Yes, for sure, your government or earlier governments is different from the former; we can very well see that. You do not use the mechanisms used by the former government. 
The former government didn’t form any FCIDs, the former managed to cure the chronic ‘LTTE issue that earlier struggled to cure or not wanted to cure. I cannot think of any elections postponed.

What is the role of the election commission of Sri Lanka, formed by the current government? What power the members of the committee or the commission have or what obstacles they face for them to decide whether to have an election on time? or do they have any right to postpone an election to please their superiors, stay muting without answering the questions of the people who expects reasons as to why postpone elections?  

thank you for reading.

To be continued ...............

Saturday, January 28, 2017

rice or kroton? YOU DECIDE

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tod úlafgdaßhd /ðK lsõj¨ ’mdka keyakka flala ldm,a, lsh,(isxyf,ka fkfuhs)

yenehs ta fldhs rfÜo@

tx.,kaf;" tx.,kaf;

wks;a ldrfKa flala ljqo jeämqr lkafka@

tx.,ka;jdiSka o@

okafk kEiólaIKhla lrka ke;sj lshkag nEfka

wks;a ldrfKa flala lshkafk fudkjdfha lEula o@

wfma rfÜ kx âjhska  lEulaa" 

fikaid,a lEulaa"

fkda iíááhqÜ" lEula"

fmf¾rd iy mq;a;=kaf. lEula'

fvfjdaka yß ikaßÉ lEula fjkag;a mq¨jka'

yenehs wms fudkj lkag Wmka Wkao@

l=rlalkA uqxweg wereku@




n;a lkag neßkka uksmsÜgq ldm,a, lsh, ljqrej;a lshd ysáho fï rfÜ wfma  Wkag@ msáka f.akag nE jjka ldm,a, lsõjg@

ta;a kEfka@

tfykka ±ka fudkjo n;a ke;akka wmsg lkagh lshkafk@

bâ,s o@

ta;a kEfka@

tfykka fudkjo@


;j fjk fudkjo @

wehs @

fldia fld<


u,j, o@

tfykka ;eïnqka fyd|s yo, o@

lß yo, o@

ñßig o f;,g o lsrg o@

fvj,a od, o ÖfkA l%fïg o@

tfykkA mSÜid l%fïg o@

keyakka wuqfjka o ckdêm;s ;=uks@

lreKdlr, ms<s;=re fokjo@

Friday, January 13, 2017

Many Happy Returns of the Day! our Dearest Daughter, Vichakshana Yasiruwani

õplaIKd hisrejks fodaKsg

mqxÑ leoe,a,l le,fha

ie<,sysKs mexÑfhla Wkakd

,iaik isxÿ lshd,d

mexÑ kef,õjd wïud

mexÑ yskeyqkd oel,d

u,a u,a jeiaila jeye,d

gex jej W;=rd .e¨jd

fk¿ula ta oel msms,d

i;=áka yskeyS ne¨jd

lsrsfldla ?kla mshUd

mKsúfv yeugu fnÿjd

mqxÑ ná;af;la ish ;gq i<,d

mqxÑ ydÿjla ÿkakd

iqN Wmka oskhla`lsh,

iuk, ;gqjl ,sh,d

mexÑf. wi,ska ;sh,d

f;rejka irKhs` lsõjd